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Our coffee is never bitter and neither are WE!

Consistent Production.  Small Batch Quality.

Coffee Origins:






*Swiss Method Decaf-Peru

Coffee Blends:
Roasters Blend using coffee from 4 Countries
Growspresso-A unique combination of beans to use for a dark roast or espresso!

Flavored Coffees:
*Vanilla Hazelnut

*Jamaican Me Crazy

*Highlander Grogg

*Cinnamon Bliss

*Cinnamon Vanilla

*Salty Caramel

*Crazy Salty Caramel

*Sea Salt Caramel Mocha

*French Vanilla



*Peppermint Mocha

*White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

***Custom Flavors with mixture of the above.

Coffee Sizes Available:
4 oz heat-sealed bag

8 0z heat-sealed bag

1 Lb. heat-sealed bag

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