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Our coffee is never bitter and neither are WE!

Simple Beginnings.
I purchased my first (3) 153 pound bags of beans and started roasting coffee in my garage in this roaster in 2012:Pasted Graphic

Although I was able to roast successfully in this roaster for several years, the amount of coffee I needed to roast in a week became too much for my 3 pound per hour roaster to keep up with.  I roasted over 2,000 pounds of coffee in the first two years, and I came to realize I needed something a little bigger.... 

Then, I bought a GR1 Roaster and a COFFEE SHACK to roast in, allowing me to consistently roast 3 pounds of coffee at a time while still maintaining that small batch quality. 

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Now, I have a GRI Roaster that allows me to roast 50 pounds of coffee at a time and a shop where you can watch the roasting happen!