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Our coffee is never bitter and neither are WE!

Jeff Grow


Coffee Enthusiasts!!
I have always had a penchant for business adventures.  When I was just 10 years old, I started my first business: selling candy bars to my classmates.  In the 90s, we didn’t have the mandates or nutrition regulations we have now; instead, my opposition was my teacher who was less than amused at having to deal with the repercussions of my sugary sales on her students. 

Consequently, I got shut down.

What could have stopped my drive for success actually served to fuel it.  I made it my mission to work hard, save money, and embrace my inner-entrepreneur. 

Several years ago, my wife read Jillian Michaels’
Master your Metabolism, which meant that I was “encouraged” to read it as well.  Much of Michaels’ discussion of the use of chemicals and excessive processing in our foods hit home for our family, and we made an on the spot decision to attempt to rid our lives of as many chemicals and processed foods as possible.  What we learned in this process is that conventional coffee can contain a ridiculous amount of chemicals.  Since we were making an effort to eat cleanly and organically and we love our coffee, we made the switch to organic coffee and quickly discovered that organic coffee can be very expensive. 

My business brain came to life, and ideas started percolating (pun intended)!

I began researching coffee roasting and coffee roasters.  Not being someone who is easily deterred, I made the conscious decision that I could roast coffee...or at least I needed to try.  I read countless websites and a plethora of reviews before buying my first coffee roaster three years ago. 

What began as a hobby and a subject of intrigue morphed into my
PASSION as I realized that I could provide affordable, quality coffee to my friends and family.  Soon, my customer base expanded, and I realized that the demand was much larger than just my small circle.  I began to brainstorm how to best provide a quality product to a larger circle of organic coffee drinkers, and Coffee Shack Roasters was born.

By early 2017, I was struggling to keep up with both my "real" job and with all the orders I was getting for Coffee, and I realized I had to make a choice about the future of Coffee Shack.

Kristen Grow

I think I would describe myself as a coffee person by coincidence or maybe even an accidental coffee guru! I have always loved coffee, well, at least since I was about 7 yrs old when I insisted on having the same breakfast as my grandma when I would stay with her: coffee and toast. She made the perfect piece of toast, dipped it in her coffee that she made in her stove top percolator every morning, and then threw the rest of the coffee out. I dumped a bunch of sugar in mine…and drank it! Everyone persisted in telling me it would stunt my growth (and maybe it has), but I continued to drink it anyway. I drank it at home and on the weekends until I discovered travel mugs my senior year of high school. Since then, you rarely see me in the mornings without a massive mug of coffee, and, if you do, I would suggest avoiding contact with me!

When Jeff and I decided to change our eating and drinking habits and he started to throw around the idea of roasting his own coffee, I didn't really think much of it. Jeff likes to try his hand at new things, and I can honestly say that in the beginning, I never dreamed that little idea seed would sprout into this giant endeavor. Over the years, though, Jeff became more and more passionate about coffee, and it became blatantly clear to me that we needed to find a way for his passion to become more than just a hobby.

I have always loved cooking, baking, and all things creative, so while Jeff was working on the logistics of the business side of the shop, I started working with my dad to design and create our shop and cafe. Thank the good Lord for the many talents of my dad!! :) Once that was in the works, I set out to create a menu that was affordable but still mirrored everything we believe food and drinks should be. And, here we are! Of course, I have a serious problem with complacency and boredom, so I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of specials, changes, and options in the future!

I am a teacher by trade (and by heart). I have been teaching high school English since 2001, and I love it! But, I also love fitness and nutrition, so I hope to be able to offer some free classes at The Shack…or maybe just start a book club!

To see what's fresh, new, and percolating in my brain regarding coffee, food, and all things Shack-related, check out The Shack Blog!