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Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe LLC

Our coffee is never bitter and neither are WE!

Affordable.  Good for You.  High Quality.

All of the coffee beans we roast are fairly traded, organic green beans, whether regular or decaf.  The roasting process adds no chemicals or preservatives to the bean; consequently, any unflavored coffee is simply the result of roasting the bean.  For our flavored coffees, we use only organic compliant flavorings.  As with any flavored coffee, the finished product is the roasted organic coffee that has been flavored with a separate product.  All of our flavorings are USDA Organic Compliant. 
Once our coffee is roasted and, if you wish, flavored, it is packaged in Biotre Film bags and heat sealed to preserve the freshness of the coffee.  All coffee is packaged as whole beans unless specified in the order, in which case it can be ground.

If you are local, you can pick your coffee up at the coffee shop and cafe:
409 South 22nd St
Heath, Oh 43056

Our hours are 6:30 am-3:30pm.

If you live in Ohio, coffee can be shipped at standard USPS shipping rates.

Feel free to email us: info@coffeeshackroasters.com with any questions.